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Spell Gone Wrong
By Kaatja Rose Pond (MissiTofu)

Chapter 2

  Spike thrashed about in his basket uncomfortably. “Twilight... what time is it?” he called out sleepily before he remembered that she was visiting the Canterlot Archives with the girls. He huffed unhappily and tumbled to the floor. “Why is my bed so small?” he wondered aloud, picking it up clumsily in his...
  “Buck me!” he screamed. If Twilight had been there, he would have been scolded for days but- “What the hell?! WHY DO I HAVE HOOVES?!”


  Princess Celestia sat in her large study, reading a book about obscure Equestrian creatures. She had encountered Torchhounds a few times in her life but apparently somepony was rather close to them and had written a lot about their lifestyles. I must meet these Torchhounds... she though to herself before seeing a bright ribbon fly through the door. Before she could move, it wrapped itself around her and then flashed brilliant rainbow colours.
  When she could see again, she looked down at the book under her hooves to see that it had reduced in size. She looked at the ceiling to notice it was lower than usual. She put a hoof to her snout, finding it was longer. She looked at her side and saw a large webbed wing and a long tail with a burst of rainbow hair at the end.
  “What a strange occurrence...” she thought aloud.
  The doors of her room flew open and her now large sister ducked through the door. Her mane was longer, trailing all the way down her back and along her new tail. Her webbed wings were bent so she could fit in the doorway. She had strange black scaled patches on the backs of her legs and black scales from her bottom jaw, down her stomach and along the bottom of her tail. Her snout was also elongated, her mouth filled with pointed teeth, her eyes wide, bright blue and pupil-less. Her horn was now a long pointed spike sticking out of her forehead.
  “What happened, Celestia?!?” she cried out.
  Princess Celestia knew immediately.


  Spike looked at himself in the mirror, his jaw practically touching the floor. He was a pony! Well... mostly. His face and head were mostly the same except larger and now topped with cute pony ears. He still had the spikes on his head but he was covered in purple fur, the same colour his scales had been. He looked at his flank to find a long green horse hair tail and... “I have a cutie mark!” he cried out with joy. He had always felt a little left out, for being a dragon of course, but also for not having a cutie mark. His was a sheet of paper with a quill. He was a little disappointed but then he remembered the real problem.
  Why am I a pony? What happened? Did this happen to anyone else? Does Twilight know about this? Maybe I should go to her... no, I should definitely go to her!
  Spike clambered to the door unsteadily on his new hooves and... okay, he couldn't open it. Starting to panic a little, he saw the open window and jumped through it, tumbling roughly into a patch of rose bushes. Usually his scales protected him from thorns, but now, with his new fleshy skin, the thorns stabbed him from every side.
  “Bad idea, bad idea!” he yelped, clawing his way out. He looked down at himself, to see a few bloody patches. Quick as a flash though, the pain disappeared and the blood stopped flowing. I guess I still have quick healing at least... He took off to the train station to get to Canterlot. As he looked around, he saw that most of the ponies were still normal and sort of looking at him strangely when...
  “Ooof!” His breath was knocked out of him when he was tackled to the ground by three little dragons.
  “Spike! It that really you?” A white one with purple spikes asked excitedly in a high pitched voice. Taking a closer look, Spike noticed that all three of the dragons still had pony features. The white one had a small unicorn horn sticking out from her head, the orange one had little pegasus wings and all their faces still had pony snouts and all had hooves instead of feet.
  “This is so much cooler than cutie marks!” The orange one said.
  “Ah dunno if my sister would like this very much...” The yellow one said uncertainly.
  “Sweetie Belle? Scootaloo? Apple Bloom? Did you do this?!” Spike said, still breathless and pinned by the little dragon ponies.
  “It wasn't us!” Scootaloo said. “But I sure want to know what happened!”
  “So do I!” Spike said as they got off him. He was usually about the same size as the Cutie Mark Crusaders but now he was so much taller than them and it made him feel odd. “I was on my way to the train station. Twilight and her friends are in Canterlot and I wanted to go and check if they're okay... and if they know how to fix this!”
  “Oh! Canterlot!” Sweetie squeeled. “My sister ALWAYS talks about Canterlot! Can we come along? Please?!?”
  “That would probably be a good idea, seeing that you guys have been changed too.” Spike thought, scratching his chin with his hoof.
  “But are there any other ponies around here that have been changed?" Apple Bloom asked. "Maybe we should look! Maybe they should come t-”
  “HEY SPIKE!” Spike looked up to see a yellow and grey blur heading right towards him. He quickly (and stupidly) opened his hooves to catch the bundle as the Crusaders ran a safe distance away. For the second time, his breath was knocked out of him as the shape barrelled into him and they skidded along the ground. Spike opened his eyes to see one golden eye looking into his and one pupil-less green eye looking in another direction.
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I'm surprised at how nonchalant Celestia was being about that little change, but I suppose when one has been alive for thousands of years, there's little that can surprise her. :D
Excellent story, and keep it up! :)
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